People also ask

  • Are council rents cheaper than private rents?

  • Council rents depend on the area and have always been cheaper than private rent (I believe that council housing was more expensive in the 30s-60s, though).

  • How much will the city council increase the rent per week?

  • Where a fixed rent applies to a dwelling, the rent will be increased by 鈧?.27 per week with effect from the commencement of the Scheme. The City Council will offer tenants on fixed rent the option of paying Differential Rent.

  • How much does it cost to rent a house in London?

  • How much rent you pay will depend on the type and size of house that you rent. The weekly rent charges are: Flat or maisonette. Bedsit – 53.81. 1 bed – 62.55. 2 bed – 71.28. 3 bed – 80.03.

  • How do I get paid housing benefit by my Council?

  • The way you get paid Housing Benefit by your council depends on the type of tenant you are. If you檙e a: council tenant, it paid into your rent account (you will not receive the money) private or housing association tenant, it paid into your bank or building society account (rarely by cheque)