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How much is the average rent for houses in Georgia? The average rent for houses in Georgia is$2,905. Point2 includes 1,105 houses for rent in Georgia to choose from,with prices between $425 and $40,000 per month.

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  • How much does it cost to live in Georgia per month?

  • Cost of Living in Georgia. Prices in Georgia. Updated Dec 2021 Family of four estimated monthly costs are 1,446.63$ (4,491.77GEL) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 406.43$ (1,261.96GEL) without rent. Cost of living in Georgia is, on average, 57.88% lower than in United States.

  • How many houses are available for rent in Georgia?

  • There are currently 6,105 houses available for rent which fluctuated -0.26% over the last 30-day period for GA. What are the rental costs for houses in Georgia? The median rent in GA is $1,890.

  • What are the average home prices in Atlanta for renters?

  • Although you can find multi-million dollar properties, the average home prices in Atlanta are around $351,000. The city home pricing index also makes it easier for renters to make the transition if homeownership is on their minds.

  • How do I find a rental rate overview for Georgia?

  • If you want痑 rental rate overview for痟ouses痠n疓eorgia, simply sort the available properties based on price. You can also痵et the minimum and maximum痯rices痽ou’re interested in痶o痩ook up痳entals痺ithin痽our budget.