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Generally,HUD requires public housing residents to pay rent equal to30 percent of their monthly adjusted income. If your adjusted monthly income is $1,000,your public housing rent,or Total Tenant Payment,is $300. If applying for Section 8,start by determining your monthly gross income.

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  • How much does BHA pay for rent?

  • The maximum amount BHA will pay toward rent is calculated by subtracting 30% of the household monthly adjusted income from the payment standard. If the unit rents for less than the payment standard, the household will still pay 30% of its monthly adjusted income.

  • How much would my rent be?

  • How much would my rent be? How much would my rent be? For Section 8, Public Housing, and other affordable housing subsidy programs, your monthly rent payment is generally 30% of the household’s monthly gross income, but there are other factors that can determine your rent.

  • What is the LHA rate for private rent?

  • If you rent privately, your eligible rent amount is either your Local Housing Allowance ( LHA) rate or your actual rent, whichever is lower. The LHA rate is based on: How much you get depends on:

  • How much does HACA take from your rent?

  • (Since the $1,377 payment standard is less than the $1,400 gross rent for your unit, HACA subtracted $412 from $1,377 ($1,377 ?$412 = $965). In this example, on the first of each month, HACA payment to you would be $965.