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Rentin Poland varies depending on the city. If you are renting in Warsaw (the capital) the rent is significantly higher than living in other cities in Poland. The rent price can go as high at 4015 PLN in Warsaw,and in other cities the average rent is 2800 PLN.

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  • How much is the average rent in Poland?

  • The rent price can go as high at 4015 PLN in Warsaw, and in other cities the average rent is 2800 PLN. However, you can always find a cheap apartment with Nestpick in many polish cities. How much is the average salary in Poland compared to the average rent? The average salary is 4900 PLN which becomes 3530 PLN after taxes.

  • Where can I find house prices in Poland?

  • Poland published annual official house price statistics. starting 2000 but stopped in 2011 publishing them through the Central Statistical Office. Private entities, Ober Haus and REAS, publish monthly and quarterly average apartment prices, respectively. General economics data are available on the Central Bank web site.

  • Which cities in Poland have the second-highest rents?

  • Gdansk was the city with the second-highest rents. According to the source, expectations of people renting apartments in the largest Polish cities decreased from 10 to even 26 percent over the year.

  • Where can I rent a house in Warsaw?

  • Houses that Hamilton May offers for rent are located in the most prestigious locations in the city (Stary Mokotw, Saska K臋pa, Wilanw) and also in neighboring areas (Konstancin-Jeziorna, Walendw). Renting a house is often a perfect solution for companies that have top management employees relocated to Warsaw with their families.