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  • How much Housing Benefit do I get for renting?

  • There are no set Housing Benefit rates – you might get all the rent paid or only part of it. Whether you rent from a council or ‘privately’ will determine how much Housing Benefit you get. The amount you get when renting from a council or through social housing will depend on: Whether there is a spare room in the home and your ‘ eligible ‘ rent.

  • How much rent am I entitled to If I rent privately?

  • If you rent privately, your eligible rent amount is either your Local Housing Allowance ( LHA) rate or your actual rent, whichever is lower. The LHA rate is based on: How much you get depends on: If you檝e been getting Housing Benefit since before 7 April 2008, these limits only apply if you:

  • Can I get housing benefit if I rent from a private landlord?

  • If you rent from a private landlord The maximum Housing Benefit payment you can usually get is called the 楲ocal Housing Allowance rate? It depends on where you live and what kind of property you live in – for example a house or flat.

  • How is housing benefit calculated for private tenants?

  • When a private tenant applies for housing benefit, the Housing Executive will normally calculate how much housing benefit that person will get based on the appropriate Local Housing Allowance rate. The Local Housing Allowance rate is almost always less than the amount of rent you actually have to pay.