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$1200 per night

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  • How much does it cost to live in Jersey Shore NJ?

  • The average rent for houses in Jersey Shore, NJ is $14,448. Point2 includes 707 houses for rent in Jersey Shore, NJ to choose from, with prices between?175 and $250,000 per month.

  • Is the 楯ersey Shore?House available to rent?

  • Here the situation: The house featured in the Guido-based reality television hit 淛ersey Shore?is available as a short-term rental. The infamous pad in Seaside Heights, NJ, is hard to miss攖hanks to the garage emblazoned with the colors of the Italian flag.

  • Are there any beach rentals in New Jersey?

  • With our Advanced Search Tool, it easy to explore available NJ beach rentals ?including homes, condos, furnished apartments, hotels and more. All of our shore rentals in New Jersey offer fun in the sun everywhere you turn.

  • How do I find summer rentals on the NJ shore?

  • When you檙e looking to explore summer rentals on the NJ shore, here are some tips: Start as soon as possible, picking your vacation dates well in advance, for the best selection. Nail down with your fellow travelers what your 渕ust-haves?are in a rental, so you can narrow your search efficiently.