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$10 to $80 per hour

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  • How much does a bounce house cost?

  • If you desire to purchase a bounce house, the cost of one can be anywhere from $65 to $300 for a kid-size one. Commercial-sized bounce houses can vary anywhere from $2,000 to as much as $8,000 to buy.

  • How do dimensions affect the cost of bouncer rentals?

  • Here’s how dimensions affect the average cost of bouncer rentals from Salta Bounce Houses of Georgia in Covington, Georgia: Your costs will depend on the length of your bouncy house rental; two hours will cost less than six hours.

  • Can you rent a bouncy house in Arizona?

  • These bounce houses can typically be geared up with the regular jumping locations, together with an inflatable slide, climbing walls, and/or a water splash zone. A rental business based in Arizona that we found, has a handful of themed bouncy houses listed on their main site, varying from those themed after characters to sports style bouncy houses.

  • How many Kids can you have in a 15 foot bounce house?

  • The most common bounce house size falls between 9 feet to 15 feet square. If you have a 9-foot square bounce house, then it’s safe for three small children or four toddlers at a time. For a 15-foot square bouncy house, you can accommodate five small children at a time or more if they’re toddlers.