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The standard bounce house rental is a small or medium size unit,most popular for residential use,some include a slide or other unique feature. A standard bounce house rental will typically cost between$125 to $285 for a day. Some companies will add fees for delivery and set up,so factor those costs into your budget.

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  • How does a bounce house rental work?

  • When you reserve a bounce house rental online or over the phone, the rental company will deliver the bounce house to your location the day of your event. Unless otherwise specified, they should provide the air blower and generator; some companies charge an additional fee for the generator,…

  • How do dimensions affect the cost of bouncer rentals?

  • Here’s how dimensions affect the average cost of bouncer rentals from Salta Bounce Houses of Georgia in Covington, Georgia: Your costs will depend on the length of your bouncy house rental; two hours will cost less than six hours.

  • How much does a bounce house cost in Georgia?

  • Salta Bounce Houses of Georgia: $299.95 package, includes a 20-foot dual slide ($250), table ($8), 10 chairs ($15), popcorn machine ($55) ?$29 savings Find a top-rated bounce house and party inflatables rental company near you. Of course bounce houses are fun, but are they safe?

  • How much does it cost to rent a moon bounce house?

  • If you rent a water slide, then talk to the rental company about what kind of water hookup you’ll need for it. If you’re hosting a large party, then it’s a good idea to get a more-exciting moon bounce house to entertain more children. The most elaborate ones can cost almost $600 to rent for the day.