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  • Do you need pay stubs to rent a house?

  • Before you can sign a rental contract and move into a house, your landlord must first approve your rental application. At a minimum, you’ll need to provide pay stubs along with your rental application. Depending on your landlord’s policies, you may also need to bring your W-2 and bank statements.

  • Do apartment complexes accept pay stubs as proof of income?

  • If you have just started a new job, or are paying rent through other means such as savings, student loans or alimony, some apartment complexes will allow other options as proof of income. Even if you can show proof of income, there are some alternatives. Some complexes will accept a larger security deposit instead of pay stubs or proof of income.

  • How many pay stubs do I need to prove income?

  • Pay check stubs You typically need to show your three most recent pay stubs to prove that your income is what you claim. 3.

  • Can a landlord verify income with pay stubs?

  • Verifying Income. Some apartment complexes or landlords have minimum income requirements to be approved for an apartment. Even when there isn’t a minimum requirement, pay stubs are the easiest way for landlords to verify your employment and ability to pay your rent. If you are new to your job, there are alternatives to verify your employment.