People also ask

  • How are council rents set?

  • Most council rents are social rents which, for individual properties, are set in accordance with a Government formula. The formula is based on a property valuation, the number of bedrooms and average income in South Yorkshire. A very small number of council rents are Affordable Rents.

  • How does the government calculate social rent?

  • The Government sets out the way all councils and housing associations calculate social rent so it worked out in the same way. It wants social rents for similar homes in the same area to be comparable regardless of who the landlord is – this is known as the 榯arget rent?

  • How is my rent calculated?

  • Your rent is based on household income and on your family size. The net income of the highest earning tenant is used first to calculate rent. It is usually a fifth of this income with reductions called allowances for the number and age of dependants in the household. Income from other adults in the household is taken into account for rent purposes.

  • How is Rent calculated in Dublin City Council?

  • For Dublin City Council residents, rent is calculated as 15% of the principal earner weekly income which exceeds 鈧?2 if it a single person and 鈧?4 if it a couple. After the principal earner is taken into account, it another 15% of the income of each subsidiary earner on top of that.