People also ask

  • How do you calculate my rent?

  • We use your total household assessable income to calculate your rent. You will pay rent based on 25% of your total household assessable income. Your rent can change after you’ve started your tenancy – for example, your household income may change if someone leaves or joins the household. Need to talk to someone about your rent?

  • How is Rent calculated for social housing in Ontario?

  • For persons with income other than Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support, rent is calculated based on 30 percent of combined household income to a maximum of the established market rent for the social housing unit in the development. Income and asset exemptions apply.

  • How much of my income should go toward rent?

  • The nationally accepted standard is that a family should devote no more than 30 percent of its income toward the cost of housing. You can calculate public housing rent, also known as Total Tenant Payment, using a series of formulas provided by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

  • How does the Housing Administrator calculate rent?

  • The housing administrator will annualize the family’s monthly income and subtract the deductions. She will multiply the income by 30 percent, and this will be the tenant’s portion of rent. The family pays its part of the rent directly to the property owner. HUD pays the remaining portion.