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Rent for public housing residents is determined annually during each household recertification process. After reviewing the household composition,income,assets,and expenses listed in the Public Housing Affidavit of Income,NYCHA sets the household rent at either30% of the household adjusted gross income or the flat rent,whichever is lower. Some tenants may have additional charges (such as fees for washing machine or air conditioners) or credits (for example,a utility allowance) added or subtracted from the rent calculation.

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  • How does the Housing Authority calculate your income for rent?

  • You give the housing authority information about the income you anticipate coming into your household for the coming 12 months. The housing authority then subtracts certain deductions and arrives at an amount called your net income (for state public housing) or adjusted income (for federal public housing).

  • How do you calculate public housing cost per month?

  • Calculate the Percentage Calculate 30 percent of your monthly adjusted gross income. For a two-person household with no deductions making $18,000 per year, 30 percent of $1,500 monthly equals $450. Using this method, your public housing rent, or TTP, would be $450 a month.

  • How do you calculate my rent?

  • We use your total household assessable income to calculate your rent. You will pay rent based on 25% of your total household assessable income. Your rent can change after you’ve started your tenancy – for example, your household income may change if someone leaves or joins the household. Need to talk to someone about your rent?

  • Will public housing tenants pay 25 per cent of household income?

  • Nearly three quarters of public housing tenancies are already paying 25 per cent of their assessable household income as rent and will not receive any further rent increases connected with the changes. Remaining tenants will be moved to 25 per cent rent in small increments.