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Market rent

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  • What is the rent calculation guide?

  • The Rent Calculation Guide helps housing providers calculate the Tenant Rent Calculation (TRC) for residents living in subsidized rent-geared-to-income (RGI) units (including co-op members paying housing charges geared to income).

  • How does the Housing Administrator calculate rent?

  • The housing administrator will annualize the family’s monthly income and subtract the deductions. She will multiply the income by 30 percent, and this will be the tenant’s portion of rent. The family pays its part of the rent directly to the property owner. HUD pays the remaining portion.

  • How much of your income should go toward rent?

  • According to a recent study by Harvard University, 10.9 million renters (one in four) spend more than half of their income on housing. The government sets an income affordability standard for housing at 30 percent. This means anyone paying more than 30 percent of their income on rent is cost burdened and could need affordable housing assistance.

  • How do you calculate public housing cost per month?

  • Calculate the Percentage Calculate 30 percent of your monthly adjusted gross income. For a two-person household with no deductions making $18,000 per year, 30 percent of $1,500 monthly equals $450. Using this method, your public housing rent, or TTP, would be $450 a month.