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  • Can veterans get help with renting an apartment or home?

  • Most of these programs focus on giving veterans access to stable, affordable housing, which includes many rental properties. Renting an apartment or home can be overwhelming, and adding in assistance programs may make it seem more complicated. However, in reality, many of these programs make the process helpful and painless for veterans.

  • How do I rent my home to a military family?

  • Below are 7 tips for renting your home to a military family. Leverage your location. Military families are interested in homes that are near their base, or have a short or easy commute. In your listings, be sure to call out the distance to the base, or promote distance or length of commute.

  • How can I find an apartment for a veteran?

  • There are programs, however, that aid in finding and securing apartments for veterans who need safe, stable and affordable places to live. 1. Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) Program

  • How do veteran housing assistance programs work?

  • As a veteran, there are housing programs out there that can help you find a place to rent 攐r help you stay in your current rental if you are facing financial issues. Veterans have carried a heavy and honorable burden for our country, and veteran housing assistance programs work to help repay the debt our country owes you for your service.