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Here are some tips on how to convince a landlord to rent to you with bad credit:Give the landlord a sense of security by offering to pay a higher security deposit or at least two months?rent upfront.Give the property manager some assurance that you have the finances to pay by showing them your proof of income.Ask a close relative or friend with good credit standing to be a cosigner in your lease.More items…

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  • How can I get an apartment with bad credit?

  • If you have poor credit, one way to strengthen your apartment application is by offering to pay several months of rent upfront, because it gives the landlord more assurance that you檙e going to be a responsible tenant. 淟andlords don say 榥o?to money,?so this could be your in to a low credit score apartment, King says.

  • Can you rent a house with a bad credit score?

  • If you have a low credit score, demonstrating that you檙e gainfully employed and making enough money to cover rent can go a long way to convincing a landlord to let you rent from them. Bring recent pay stubs, your tax returns, and a letter from your current employer verifying your employment status when you go to apply to rent a house.

  • How do you convince a landlord to let you rent?

  • King recommends writing a letter to the landlord explaining your financial situation; be sure to include what steps you檙e taking to repair your credit (you檝e already started paying your credit card balance in full every month, right?). That can help swing the landlord and convince him to let you rent with bad credit.

  • Can I buy a home with bad credit?

  • Rent-to-own homes are the ideal choice for people with bad credit to get into the home they want to buy. Certainly we understand that every person, family and situation is different; therefore, we specialize in helping people take steps to homeownership.