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Here are some tips on how to convince a landlord to rent to you with bad credit:Give the landlord a sense of security by offering to pay a higher security deposit or at least two months?rent upfront.Give the property manager some assurance that you have the finances to pay by showing them your proof of income.Ask a close relative or friend with good credit standing to be a cosigner in your lease.More items…

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  • How to rent a property if you have bad credit?

  • How to rent a property if you have bad credit. 1 Get a family member or friend to be a guarantor. Letting agents and landlords will rent properties to you if someone else who does have a good credit … 2 Pay for a guarantor service. 3 Upgrade your credit history. 4 Pay your rent in advance. 5 Rent in a shared house. More items

  • How do I find apartment complexes with bad credit?

  • Apartment complexes typically require a credit check on all applications and they will most likely turn you down if you have bad credit. If you know you檙e dealing with poor credit, your best bet is looking for properties that are owned by individual landlords who usually don pull your credit. Pay On the Spot

  • Do I need a credit check to rent a house?

  • Many homeowners, especially those who live outside the area, use real estate agents to rent their homes and will pay the agent a commission on your rental. Once you’ve contacted a property owner, ask them what criteria they use to approve tenants for the rental. If 媋 credit check isn’t one of them, then you have one less thing to worry about.

  • How do you convince a landlord to let you rent?

  • King recommends writing a letter to the landlord explaining your financial situation; be sure to include what steps you檙e taking to repair your credit (you檝e already started paying your credit card balance in full every month, right?). That can help swing the landlord and convince him to let you rent with bad credit.