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If you plan to rent out your residential home and keep your current residential mortgage,you need the mortgage lender permission. You can ask for permission if you: Your current employer relocates you abroad for a fixed term,no longer than two years. The tenant (s) need to cover the mortgage payments with the rent.

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  • Do you need consent to let to rent out your house?

  • If you want to rent out your home on your current residential mortgage, you檒l need consent to let from your lender Getting consent to let isn free. It typically involves paying a higher rate of interest, a fee, or both. You檒l also have to meet the costs of being a landlord

  • Do you have to get permission to be a landlord?

  • There is no central register (as yet) where you have to get permission before you can be a landlord ?but that doesn mean you don have to get permission to rent. Here is a checklist of the permissions you may need to get for your property (note ?this will not always apply but you need to check).

  • What do landlords need to know about renting out a property?

  • As a landlord you must: give your tenant a copy of the How to rent checklist when they start renting from you (you can email it to them) There are different rules if you rent out property in Scotland or Northern Ireland.

  • Can I rent out my house on a residential mortgage?

  • If you need to move but you can sell, getting consent to let from your mortgage lender allows you to rent out your home on a residential mortgage. When you take out a residential mortgage, one of the criteria will be that you檙e not allowed to let out your property – if you do so without telling your lender, there can be some dire consequences.