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Certificate of Occupancy

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  • Do I need a business license to rent out my rental property?

  • Although a business license is not legally required, real estate experts recommend establishing an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) for your rental property. When you rent out a property under your own name, you risk being named as a defendant in the event of a lawsuit, and losing the lawsuit could mean losing your personal assets.

  • Do you need a real estate license to be a landlord?

  • You don’t need a real estate license to be a landlord either, but you may have other licensing requirements. You can be a landlord without getting a real estate license, but business licenses are another matter.

  • Do you need a licence to rent a house in London?

  • Some privately rented homes in London need a property licence. If your rented home needs a licence, your landlord is responsible for obtaining it. This map for London contains the current rental property licensing schemes in force. How can I report an unlicensed property?

  • How do I obtain a rental license?

  • Obtaining a rental license application can be as simple as visiting your Department of Housing website and downloading the proper forms. If your city doesn make the application forms available online, a quick trip to City Hall should do the trick.