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  • Can I run a credit check on a tenant?

  • Running a credit check on a tenant can be an important part of the tenant screening process and a good way to help ensure landlords find qualified renters for their rental property. Once a prospective tenant completes a rental application, you檒l need to: Verify the tenant full name, employment history and residential address.

  • What credit score do you need to rent a house?

  • The minimum credit score you need to rent a house will depend on the landlord. Some landlords are willing to work with tenants with low credit, while others may require tenants to have excellent credit. Going back to the credit score range, if your credit score is at least 670, you’re at the start of the sweet spot.

  • Can I rent a house with bad credit?

  • For those with poor credit, renting a house is difficult. Most landlords require tenants to have a minimum credit score to rent a house. But most people hardly ever check their own scores, nor know how to raise a low one.

  • What is a rental credit check and why is it important?

  • A rental credit check helps demonstrate a tenant history of responsible borrowing, meaning they pay their debts on time (and are more likely to pay their rent on time). It also helps show whether they can afford to live in your rental property.