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Many landlords refuse to accept credit cardsas a method of paying rent. But if you make monthly rent payments to a big property management company or use a third-party service,you might be able to do it. Putting your rent payment on a credit card often results in an extra fee,however.

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  • Can you rent an apartment without a credit card?

  • By Heide Braley You can rent an apartment without a credit card or a debit card in most areas of the United States. Most tenants still pay their monthly rent with a paper check mailed to their landlords. Of course, cash is always an option, but that means you have to pay in person.

  • Do you need a credit card to rent a car?

  • While it may be convenient to have a credit that you use solely for renting cars or paying for hotel rooms, it’s not necessary. It can be easier to manage a car rental or a hotel rental with a credit card, however.

  • Do you have to have a good credit score to rent?

  • The landlord is not required to accept you if you have a passable score. There is also no legal minimum score, so your credit reports and background check from the tenant screening services might just be used as a guideline. Who pays for the check?

  • Can you buy a house with a credit card?

  • But suppose you’re dead-set on using a credit card. You can’t just walk up to the seller and hand them your card. Typically, real estate closings are held at a title company’s office or real estate agency. The buyer and the seller, or their representatives, sit down to sign papers and transfer ownership of the house.