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Not legally required

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  • What type of business license do I need to rent my property?

  • Housing business license ?A housing business license is usually obtained after the Certificate of Occupancy and is usually required for each rental unit. The housing business license depends on what type of property is being rented.

  • Do I need a business license to run a home-based business?

  • In some municipalities, businesses operating out of personal residences will need to register for a home occupation permit. Occupational / Professional Licensing ?While not a business license, some occupations or professions will need licensing before being offering their service. In some locations there may be both a state and local requirement.

  • What licenses do landlords need to register their properties?

  • When it comes to business licensing, landlords are often required to register their properties and obtain specific licenses for their rentals, just as with any business owner. Attaining the mandatory licenses will protect your property, tenants and personal assets. Failure to file can lead to costly fines and put you in a risky situation.

  • How do I rent out a property without a license?

  • Check with your local departments of housing and business to determine your specific needs. It is unwise to rent out a property without the required licenses and approvals. There are many consequences that come with renting out property illegally.