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  • Should I have an LLC for my rental property?

  • Some of the primary benefits of having an LLC for your rental property include: Your personal assets are safe from any lawsuits You have more flexibility with your company management structure

  • Should I buy a house as an LLC?

  • The same bank that would allow you to purchase a property for just five percent down may require 20 percent down for you to buy using your LLC. Plus, you might be able to get lower interest rates when purchasing a property as yourself, not an LLC.

  • Should I form an LLC for my rental car business?

  • One of the main reasons to form an LLC is to protect your personal assets, like your car, bank accounts and your home, from the debts of the business. But forming an LLC is not the only way owners can protect their personal assets. All rental companies (LLCs or not) should have adequate insurance.

  • Can I transfer ownership of a rental property to an LLC?

  • The good news is that either way, you檒l be able to transfer ownership of your property to the LLC. However, it better to create an LLC before you buy a rental property so you avoid the following headaches: Notifying your mortgage holder that you are transferring title to the LLC.