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  • Do I need a real estate agent to rent out my home?

  • They simply put a for rent sign in the front yard and post their property online with other homes for rent, hoping it will all work out. But not every homeowner can, or should, go it alone. Hiring a real estate agent to handle the logistics of renting out your property can be a smart move攐ne that many homeowners make.

  • Should you hire a rental agent to find tenants?

  • While real estate agents are generally associated with buying and selling homes, some also deal with rental transactions. This type of agent is often called a rental agent or leasing agent. You may consider hiring a rental agent to find tenants if you檙e new to landlording, live far away from your rental or simply don have the time.

  • How does a rental agent work with a landlord?

  • The rental agent level of involvement can be determined by the landlord, according to the mandate signed. The landlord can choose whether they want the rental agent to handle everything, i.e. the tenant vetting, rental collection, inspections, maintenance checks and managing of contractors when things need to be done.

  • What makes a good rental property agent?

  • Rental property agents often spend much of their time networking, and will generally be able to find renters quickly just by putting the word out. They will likely know other rental agents and be able to get leads from them. 5. They know the market