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  • Do you need a real estate agent to rent a house?

  • Not all property owners choose to hire real estate agents for rentals ?many search for tenants and manage their property themselves. Renting a house without an agent means you檒l reduce additional expenses and have more visibility into who renting your property, but the process can take considerable time if you檙e not experienced.

  • Can a realtor help me find a rent to own home?

  • Yes, a realtor can help you find a rent to own home; however, it is unlikely you will find one who will want to. Realtors make a very little commission from rent to own homes.

  • Do you need help renting out your home?

  • Many home owners don think they need help when it comes to renting out their spaces. They simply put a 渇or rent?sign in the front yard and post their property online with other homes for rent, hoping it will all work out. But not every homeowner can, or should, go it alone.

  • Should I hire a realtor to show my property?

  • You do not have to pay a Realtor’s commission and you can use your knowledge and passion for the property to appeal to prospective tenants. If you do not hire a Realtor to show the property, you will save money because you do not have to pay the Realtor commission.