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There are a few exceptions to the laws that require real estate licensing. If you are living in an apartment building,and you agree to manage the building in exchange for reduced rent,thenyou do not need a real estate license. Company employees can represent their company to buy and sell property for the company.

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  • Do I need a licence for my rented property?

  • If your rented home needs a licence, your landlord is responsible for obtaining it. Holding the correct property licence is a legal requirement and demonstrates that the property is suitable for occupation and managed to an acceptable standard.

  • Can you be a landlord without a real estate license?

  • You can be a landlord without getting a real estate license, but business licenses are another matter. The rules for small businesses vary from city to city and county to county, but many local governments require local businesses take out a license.

  • Do I need a real estate license to buy a house?

  • If you’re buying your own house, even if it’s a business venture, you can do it without a license. You don’t need a real estate license to be a landlord either, but you may have other licensing requirements.

  • Do you need a business license to rent a property in California?

  • In California, no state law mandates that a business license is required to rent a property. However, prospective landlords will want to check with local city ordinances to ensure no business license is legally required.