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  • Do I need a business license to rent out my rental property?

  • Although a business license is not legally required, real estate experts recommend establishing an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) for your rental property. When you rent out a property under your own name, you risk being named as a defendant in the event of a lawsuit, and losing the lawsuit could mean losing your personal assets.

  • Do I need a business license to run a home-based business?

  • In some municipalities, businesses operating out of personal residences will need to register for a home occupation permit. Occupational / Professional Licensing ?While not a business license, some occupations or professions will need licensing before being offering their service. In some locations there may be both a state and local requirement.

  • Does a landlord need a license in Florida to rent property?

  • A landlord in Florida does not have to obtain a license to rent their own property under Florida law. It is not a license to operate a business in your area, even if you have a local business tax.

  • What license do I need to open a vacation rental property?

  • A license from the Florida Department of Business Professional Regulation (淒BPR? is required if your property is considered a 渧acation rental?or a 渢ransient public lodging establishment?if you are renting your entire unit.