People also ask

  • How do I find a house to rent without an agent?

  • Search thousands of DSS accepting flats and houses. Families, students, pet-owners and DSS tenants can narrow their search to quickly navigate renting a home with no agent. Enter your location and search.

  • Where can I find houses to rent?

  • Most rooms, flats, apartments and houses to rent are advertised on accommodation websites. You can search for a particular type of accommodation and set up alerts for your specific requirements. Other sources include the accommodation sections of newspapers, advertisements in shops and college notice boards.

  • Should I use a real estate agent to find a rental property?

  • For example, if your budget requires you to look for cheap houses for rent, you can do a preliminary search on HomeFinder to get an overview of the available rental homes in your price range. An agent will have access to more detailed, insider information on rental homes available, and can help you make the best decision for your needs.

  • Can you rent a house without seeing the property first?

  • When you檙e looking for a home don pay any money without seeing the property first. Don’t rent a property directly from an existing tenant. This is called 榮ubletting?- the tenant might not have the landlord permission to rent to you.