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  • Can I rent an apartment with a CPN number?

  • First you will need to understand few things associated with the rental of an apartment using your new CPN number. A CPN number is designed exclusively for credit reporting purposes. That being said if your main issue is background check this program will NOT help you. A background check is done using many more search points then a credit check.

  • Can I buy a house with a CPN number?

  • It’s like having a whole new credit profile and starting over with zero credit and history. You cannot get any government based loans, or buy a house with your CPN/SCN number. However you can rebuild credit, rent an apartment, get a car loan, a personal loan and start up a business to have the life you really want.

  • How much does it cost to put rental history on CPn?

  • This will put 2 years of rental history on your cpn report for as little as $149.99 which will drastically increase your scores. If you don already have a CPN number, enter your email below to get access to our CPN program.

  • Is owning a CPN a good idea?

  • Owning and maintaining a CPN is a practical option while rebuilding your personal credit and protecting your established profile. If you have a low credit score and you are looking to repair it and maintain it, this is your best option. You will be able to get the apartment of your dreams or make the investments you were looking for.