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While a good credit profile can increase your chances of getting an apartment,those with bad creditcan still find ways to rent a home. Here what you need to do. Most landlords use a credit check to vet potential tenants.

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  • How to rent a property if you have bad credit?

  • How to rent a property if you have bad credit. 1 Get a family member or friend to be a guarantor. Letting agents and landlords will rent properties to you if someone else who does have a good credit … 2 Pay for a guarantor service. 3 Upgrade your credit history. 4 Pay your rent in advance. 5 Rent in a shared house. More items

  • Why does bad credit make a landlord nervous?

  • Bad credit makes landlords nervous because it indicates that since you檝e defaulted on past bills, you might default on the rent. Consider paying the first few months of rent upfront, to your landlord.

  • Can bad credit stop you from getting a home loan?

  • Bad credit is just one of many reasons you may be denied a loan. Other reasons you may be denied a home loan include: Overextended credit cards: If you miss payments or exceed your limit, that a red flag to lenders. Failure to pay a previous or existing loan: If you have defaulted on other loans, a lender will think twice.

  • Do you have to have good credit to rent an apartment?

  • It is likely that both of your credit profiles will be checked, however, if your roommate has decent credit, the landlord may still give you both the apartment to rent. Alternatively, try to move in with a roommate who is in mid-lease and can add you without a credit check.