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  • Should you rent an Airbnb?

  • One of the perks of renting an Airbnb is the fact that you can save money on expensive meals out by cooking at home – something you can get from a hotel stay. However, guests won know your kitchen like you do, so make sure you protect your work surfaces and cookware from more culinarily-challenged travellers.

  • How much can you earn by letting out your home on Airbnb?

  • Renting out your property on Airbnb can be a great side hustle for boosting your bank balance so you can enjoy a few extra perks. In 2018, hosts earned an average of 3,100 a year letting out their homes for around 36 nights a year.

  • Do I need homeowners insurance to host an Airbnb?

  • First, you might need extra insurance on your home. You may want it to protect you from potential damage or theft (by your Airbnb guests), or in some cases, your homeowners insurance may require it. At the very least, you will want to alert your insurer that you檒l be hosting. 4

  • Is it possible to host on Airbnb long-term?

  • Certainly, it won be the best option for every host, as having a guest for longer than a few nights or a week is a serious commitment. That being said, long-term Airbnb rentals can take many forms. You could rent out a room of your home for a couple months, which is a lot like having a roommate.