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  • Can I rent my own home to myself?

  • The main reason why renting your own home to yourself doesn work is because it creates phantom income and phantom losses. Let say you want to put your home in an LLC and rent the home to yourself for $1,000 per month. That $1,000 per month is not a deduction on your personal return and is instead rental income on your LLC.

  • Should you rent-to-own or buy a home?

  • If you know you want to own your own home and take advantage of all the benefits of home ownership, renting-to-own might be a reasonable entry into the market. Rent-to-own is an agreement in which you rent a home for a specific period of time with the option of buying it.

  • How does rent to own work?

  • How does rent to own work? Rent-to-own can be a great alternative if you can’t afford to buy a home outright, have a low credit score or don’t have enough money for a down payment. Rent-to-own contracts can also give you the chance to see how you like a home and neighborhood without committing to buying it.

  • How much does it cost to rent to own a house?

  • As with all rental prices, however, the exact amount of rent and the exact amount of the option will vary from house to house and suburb to suburb. Let say you enter into a three-year rent-to-own agreement with an agreed future price of $450,000, and pay a $28,000 deposit, $20,000 of which comes from a First Home Owners Grant.