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The actual home that Jersey Shore was filmed in isavailable to rent. The home,which is a six-bedroom,one-bathroom vacation house,is located just moments away from Seaside Heights and the famous beach. The home itself is just over 1600-square-feet and can accommodate up to 11 guests which bodes well for a summer full of fun.

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  • Where is the Jersey Shore house located in Miami?

  • A far grander abode in comparison to the original MTV Jersey Shore house, this stunning Miami beach house, located on Pine Tree Drive, boasts 12 bedrooms (one of which the cast nicknamed the 渟mush room?, 9.5 bathrooms, and 6,968 square feet of pure luxury living.

  • Can you rent the house from 楯ersey Shore?

  • You can fist-pump your way to an awesome weekend away at the house that brought 淕TL?(Gym, Tan, Laundry) into the American lexicon. The Seaside Heights house where MTV hit reality series 淛ersey Shore?is available for rentals with, People Magazine reports.

  • What does the Jersey Shore house look like?

  • The home does still feature some of the iconic decor from the show, such as the kitschy duck phone, the red bean bag chair, and lots of beds. Re-enact a scene from 淛ersey Shore?here. The rental includes six bedrooms and three bathrooms, three floors, and multiple decks, on 2,500 square feet.

  • When does 楯ersey Shore?family vacation?return?

  • MTV Jersey Shore Family Vacation Premiering on April 5, 2018, and still going strong today, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is a reboot that follows seven of Jersey Shore veteran castmates as they travel together on vacation to Miami and across various parts of the country. The series just wrapped up its third season on November 7, 2019.