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If you purchased a house using an FHA loan,you have to live in the house for at least one yearbefore you can rent it out. You may be allowed to sublet your property sooner if you檙e facing extenuating circumstances such as moving out of state for work.

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  • Can I Rent my Old FHA home and buy another?

  • Buying Another Home. But to qualify for a new FHA loan you can only use the rental income on your old FHA home if you have at least 25 percent equity in the home. This could affect your decision whether to rent your old FHA home or sell it so that you can qualify for a new FHA loan.

  • Can you be a landlord with an FHA home loan?

  • With an FHA home loan, you are permitted to be a landlord as long as you occupy the property yourself as the primary residence. Borrowers who wish to do this should consider purchasing a property with multiple living units. You can buy a home with an FHA mortgage having as many as four separate living units.

  • When can I rent out my FHA loan property?

  • After the 12 months is up, you can rent out the property with the FHA’s consent. The FHA does not levy any specific restrictions or requirements for how to rent the home after one year.

  • Do you have to live in the house when buying FHA?

  • As such, it’s assumed you will live in the home, and the FHA requires that you do so. The FHA asks that buyers move into the home within 60 days of closing and use it as their primary residence for at least one year. If you choose to ignore the FHA rules and rent out your home before you’re allowed,…