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  • How many rooms are in the White House?

  • President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden will work and live in the White House for the next four years. In a recent town hall, President Joe Biden described the White House as a gilded cage. Biden’s new home consists of 132 rooms spread across three buildings. Here’s a look inside the White House’s most notable spaces.

  • Is the White House the people’s house?

  • I have always believed that the White House is the People’s House. As such, I am inviting ordinary Americans to spend a night at the White House. Guests will stay upstairs in the residence in either the Queen’s Bedroom or the Lincoln Bedroom. Each of these elegant rooms are outfitted with beautiful furnishings and historical artifacts.

  • What is the Lincoln Bedroom in the White House?

  • The Lincoln Bedroom, containing furnishings from Abraham Lincoln’s era, is one of several private living spaces reserved for the first family on the Executive Residence’s top two floors. Then-First Lady Laura Bush stands in the newly refurbished Lincoln bedroom of the White House on February 8, 2007.

  • What is the Red Room at the White House?

  • Then-President Donald Trump speaks during an Inaugural Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders Reception in the Blue Room of the White House on January 22, 2017. To the left and right of the Blue Room are two parlors for entertaining. One, featuring bright red walls, is called the Red Room.