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The only exception is if you檙e buying a multi-family home.You can live in one of the units and rent out the others. Before qualifying,though,NACA requires completion of a 渞ecognized?landlord training course.

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  • Can you sell a home purchased with a NACA mortgage?

  • Yes, you can sell a home purchased with a NACA mortgage. The process is similar to selling any other home. Keep in mind that you can receive real estate services through the post-purchase member assistance program (MAP). If you檝e lived in a NACA home for at least three years, you檙e eligible to purchase another home through the program.

  • What is the NACA program for home ownership?

  • The NACA program is designed to help low-to-moderate income families and people purchase in low-to-moderate income areas become homeowners. No member of the household can have an ownership interest in any other property. If my spouse owns a home, can we still purchase a home through NACA?

  • Can a NACA member work with any real estate agent?

  • Yes. Members can work with any real estate agent they choose, except for those agents who have been banned from utilizing the NACA program. NACA does not allow agents to participate who charge Members fees, who do not properly represent the Members, or who do not adhere to NACA policies.

  • Does NACA have income limits for homebuyers?

  • Although NACA helps economically disadvantaged homebuyers, the program doesn set household income limits. Even so, borrowers with incomes that exceed the median income for their area can only use the program to buy homes in riority areas.?These are low-to-moderate income communities.