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As outlined by OSHA,landlords are required to make rental units safe from asbestosif they employ more than 10 people or hire independent contractors to perform maintenance and repairs. In addition, it is assumed that all properties built before 1981 have asbestos in them.

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  • Should I buy a house with asbestos siding?

  • Older homes likely contain asbestos siding (if they have siding), roofing, and insulation. How much should it worry you if asbestos is present? And should you buy a house if you find asbestos is in the siding? The short answer is that the presence of asbestos siding is most likely safe as a siding material.

  • Where can asbestos be found in a rental property?

  • Asbestos in rental properties may be found in: 1 Casings for electrical wires 2 Ceiling and floor tiles 3 Cement 4 Drywall 5 Insulation materials 6 Paint 7 Plaster 8 Roofing materials More …

  • How can I remove asbestos from my siding?

  • A safer strategy may be to cover it over with new siding, which effectively seals in the asbestos material. This is usually the preferred method of dealing with asbestos building materials. Most siding companies are well-experienced at techniques for covering over existing asbestos-cement siding with new vinyl, aluminum, or fiber-cement siding.

  • What is asbestos cement siding?

  • Asbestos cement siding is probably the longest-life, lowest-maintenance siding around. It was widely used on houses from the 1940s thru the 1960s, and is still found in many of the older Gainesville neighborhoods around the university and downtown.