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It is posibleto rent a house with a past eviction. It is hard to find an owner/landlord to accept an eviction. They may require rent in advance and/or an increase in deposit.

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  • Can I rent an apartment after an eviction?

  • Learn more… Renting an apartment after an eviction can be difficult. Prospective landlords may be afraid to rent to you because they think you might violate the terms of the lease, and your credit report and background check could permanently reflect your old eviction.

  • Will an eviction affect my rental history?

  • An eviction can definitely damage your rental and credit history, but if you take the right steps, it can be more like a bump in the road than a rental roadblock or legal issue. Here are six tips to help you get back to renting after an eviction: 1. Make amends

  • What happens if you lie about being evicted on a rental application?

  • In the rental application they will generally ask if you have ever been evicted from a property. If you were evicted you would need to let them know about the eviction. If you lie, again, this would be grounds for denial. Sometime people call and ask me I had an eviction filed, but the eviction didn go through, so why am I still getting denied?

  • Can a landlord offer a lease with an eviction on record?

  • Some landlords may offer customized leases tailored to unique financial situations, allowing the new resident to begin rebuilding his or her credit even with an eviction on record. Whether you檙e turning over a new leaf or getting back on your feet after a difficult time, Southern Management is here to support your journey.