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  • Can I rent an apartment after an eviction?

  • Learn more… Renting an apartment after an eviction can be difficult. Prospective landlords may be afraid to rent to you because they think you might violate the terms of the lease, and your credit report and background check could permanently reflect your old eviction.

  • Can I rent with an eviction on my record?

  • Renting with an eviction is possible as long as you don’t try to hide it. When applying for a new rental, the landlord will likely check your credit and rental history, so the eviction will come to light no matter what. Get out in front of it.

  • Can I rent from a private owner with an eviction notice?

  • Renting from a private owner as opposed to an apartment complex is always an option for those with eviction notices on their records. Because they’re renting the space privately they don’t have to work within the guidelines and restrictions that a regular apartment complex does.

  • Should you choose a roommate who has been evicted?

  • Having an eviction and then choosing a roommate who has also been evicted is not the way to a landlord’s heart. Be sure that the person you want to share the lease with has stellar credit and no past evictions.