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If you have a good reason for the eviction and can show that you are in good standing a landlord might listen to the truth in your situation and accept your application. As others have written,it is definitely possibleto rent a house with a past eviction and/or a low credit score,and even a criminal history.

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  • Can I rent an apartment if I’ve been evicted?

  • If you’ve been evicted, you need to work to improve your credit score so you can use a high score to advocate for yourself when going to rent a new property. Start by paying off outstanding debts and paying future bills on time. A good credit score can make or break your ability to rent an apartment in the future. 2. Be honest

  • Can I rent from a private owner with an eviction notice?

  • Renting from a private owner as opposed to an apartment complex is always an option for those with eviction notices on their records. Because they’re renting the space privately they don’t have to work within the guidelines and restrictions that a regular apartment complex does.

  • Can you rent with an eviction on your credit report?

  • Smaller towns and suburbs usually have a lower demand for rentals, which means there are more properties that will accept renting with an eviction. They may still conduct a credit check but might look past it if you can effectively demonstrate you’re responsible and capable when it comes to renting.

  • Can a landlord offer a lease with an eviction on record?

  • Some landlords may offer customized leases tailored to unique financial situations, allowing the new resident to begin rebuilding his or her credit even with an eviction on record. Whether you檙e turning over a new leaf or getting back on your feet after a difficult time, Southern Management is here to support your journey.