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  • Can I rent an apartment after an eviction?

  • Learn more… Renting an apartment after an eviction can be difficult. Prospective landlords may be afraid to rent to you because they think you might violate the terms of the lease, and your credit report and background check could permanently reflect your old eviction.

  • Can a landlord accept a tenant with an eviction on record?

  • Some landlords will accept renters with evictions on their record if the renter is willing to pay more. You may have to pay a higher deposit amount, which you can always get back at the end of your lease, or pre-pay several months of rent. Save up in advance of applying for units so you檙e prepared if needed.

  • What to do if you are evicted from a house?

  • 1. Make amends Consider approaching the landlord who evicted you and offering to rectify the situation. If you feel that the eviction is unfair, you could seek assistance from a lawyer to learn if you can take any legal action, including going to court, to settle any disputes.

  • Will an eviction affect my rental history?

  • An eviction can definitely damage your rental and credit history, but if you take the right steps, it can be more like a bump in the road than a rental roadblock or legal issue. Here are six tips to help you get back to renting after an eviction: 1. Make amends