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Renting with a Criminal HistoryThe Fair Housing Act makes housing discrimination illegal?A leasing agent only requires certain applicants to undergo a criminal background check. ?A leasing agent tells you that they make decisions about applicants based on arrestrecords.

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  • Can you rent an apartment with a criminal record?

  • Renting an Apartment With a Criminal Record The best option is to seek out a record expungement or record sealing. Expungement is the legal process where a court hides your criminal record.

  • How can I get affordable housing with a criminal record?

  • How Can I Get Housing With a Criminal Record? Having a criminal record makes it challenging to find affordable housing, but someone with a criminal record may still qualify for many federal low-income housing programs. In 2016, HUD issued guidance to federal housing providers to loosen restrictions for applicants with criminal records.

  • Do I need a criminal background check for rental housing?

  • Criminal background checks are often used as screening criteria for rental housing to determine qualified applicants. For those with a criminal history, these screenings have become a barrier to obtaining housing.

  • Can a landlord deny a tenant with a criminal record?

  • Landlords are allowed to have policies in place which deny housing to those with specific criminal pasts that could jeopardize the safety of other tenants or of the property. When looking at a tenant criminal history, the landlord must also take into account the type of offense,…