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  • Can you rent out a property in foreclosure?

  • It is not uncommon for struggling homeowners to rent out a property in foreclosure to earn extra cash before losing the property. By renting a vacant property, the homeowner earns income and keeps the property occupied to avoid squatters and other undesirable elements.

  • What happens to tenants when a house is foreclosed?

  • But there another important demographic being negatively impacted by foreclosures ?tenants. Just like owner-occupied properties, when a landlord falls on hard times and can pay the mortgage, the bank forecloses and often becomes the new owner of the rental property, as well as the new landlord.

  • Is rent to own a foreclosed home a scam?

  • A homeowner facing foreclosure might, but in most instances rent to own opportunities for foreclosed homes are scams. The homeowner will likely lose the property regardless and you will lose the chance to purchase the home. It important to know about common scams and prevention methods prior to beginning your rent to own journey.

  • Do landlords have to tell tenants about foreclosures?

  • Most states have laws that direct landlords to disclose anything about the rental property that, if known, might change the mind of the tenant about renting. In most cases, a pending foreclosure is one of those things. You have some options about when to tell tenants about the foreclosure.