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  • What is a month to month lease on a rental property?

  • A month-to-month lease is a lease that continues each month until either party provides 30 days?notice. As the name suggests, it allows tenants to live in your rental property on a month-to-month basis. Month-to-month leases are commonly used as a way to extend a lease.

  • Is it better to rent month to month or long-term?

  • Month to month leases are almost always more expensive than a long-term lease. It can be expensive for a landlord to replace a tenant. To make up for the uncertainty of a short-term renter, landlords often charge a higher monthly rent. You pay extra for the flexibility of a month to month rental.

  • Can you buy a house month to month?

  • Can Look for a Home- Month to month rentals give tenants a short term place to live when they are looking to buy a home. Once they have a closing date on the home, they can give the landlord the required notice to move out of the rental.

  • Should you offer your tenants a month-to-month lease?

  • Month-to-month leases can be signed with a new tenant, or they can be used to extend a current tenant lease who may not be ready to move out or renew their fixed-term lease just yet. If you檙e considering offering the option of a month-to-month lease to your tenants, it important to weigh the pros and cons.