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You can rent your home forup to three yearswithout losing the chance to sell it with no capital gains tax. So long as you owned and lived in the house for two of the five years prior to the sale,any capital gain on the sale can generally be excluded.

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  • Should you rent or sell your home?

  • Selling or renting your home if it needs repairs. When repairs matter: In general, the condition of the home matters less to potential renters than buyers. So, if the home could use some work, it might make more sense to rent the property than make all the upgrades necessary to sell. Big-ticket items: Regardless of whether you rent …

  • Should you buy a house with a tenant?

  • It attractive to investors: Having tenants already living in the property is a big selling point for anyone who might be looking to buy the home as an investment property ?you檒l be saving them the hassle of finding a tenant! Disgruntled tenants can make showings difficult: You檝e just told your tenant they have to move out.

  • Can a landlord sell a house with a rent-to-own lease?

  • If you檙e a landlord looking to sell your home and want to give a renter the rent-to-own model, you檒l need to consult an attorney to draft a contract or lease for you since (as noted above) there are no standard templates for this kind of lease option for sellers.

  • How do I Sell my rental property?

  • When selling rental property, it best to be straightforward and open with your tenant. If your tenant really loves where they live, they might be interested in buying the home.