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  • How to rent an apartment with no credit?

  • Here are ten tips for renting an apartment with no credit. The easiest way to rent an apartment with no credit history is to have someone with good credit co-sign the lease with you. A co-signer could be a parent, other relative or friend. Both you and the co-signer must physically sign the lease agreement.

  • Can you rent a house with no credit history?

  • They have to pay the mortgage and utilities without any reimbursement in the form of rent. Because of this ?especially if you live in a place with low rental demand ?you may be able to rent a place without a credit history if you檙e able to move in immediately. 3. Prove income or savings balance

  • Can I buy a house with no credit score?

  • If you have a low credit score, pay off all your debt, don miss any bills, and wait until your credit score disappears before trying to buy a house. It檒l be much easier for you to get a mortgage with no credit score than a low one攖rust us. When you have no credit or less than stellar credit, lenders will often try talking you into an FHA loan.

  • What credit score is needed to rent an apartment or house?

  • There’s no set credit score necessary to rent an apartment or house; the criteria for approval will vary depending on the property, location, landlord and other factors. However, knowing your credit score before you start apartment-hunting can help you zero in on properties you may qualify to rent.