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  • Is it possible to live rent free on a house?

  • Pay cash for a house One of the best ways to live rent free is to own your own property. But then you still have to pay the mortgage. And mortgage payments can put a big dent in the old budget as well. That why if it possible in the future, you should consider purchasing a house in cash. Pay for it outright.

  • Can you rent an apartment for someone else without living there?

  • Here the Short Answer about Renting an Apartment for Someone Else: You can rent an apartment without living there full time. You can have someone live there in your stead as a co-signer or a sub-letter. You can also co-sign for an apartment with a child over the age of eighteen and pay for an apartment that your parent lives in by themselves.

  • Is it legal to rent a house to a family member?

  • It is perfectly legitimate to rent to family members as long as you haven’t got a BTL mortgage on the property. If you have got a BTL mortgage family members can’t live there anyway.

  • How can I live somewhere without paying a lease?

  • Here are 33 ways you can live somewhere without paying a lease: 1. Get free rent from the government What can you do if you can afford your rent? Well, one of the best options is getting free money from the government to cover your rent.