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  • Can You decorate a rental house or rental apartment without losing deposit?

  • Our guide to decorating a rental house or rental apartment will help you stamp your personality on your living space… without losing your deposit! We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. Looking for ideas for decorating a rental house or rental apartment without losing your deposit?

  • How can I decorate my rental?

  • A beautifully curated collection of books, vintage crockery or even toys can make as stunning a visual impact as something more decoratively permanent. Even decorating a rental with a collection of your favourite magazines can add a healthy pop of colour. Or why not peruse these Wall display ideas for more inspiration?

  • Is it possible to make a rental property feel like home?

  • But the one thing these properties often lack is the warm, lived-in vibe of more permanent dwellings. Luckily, all it takes is a little clever styling to make any house feel like home. Here are 20 simple tweaks you can use to elevate a rental. Add layers to industrial spaces.

  • Is it legal to decorate a rented house?

  • They are not legally obliged to let you decorate the rented house and some tenancy agreements will forbid it outright. You may feel like you are doing your landlord a favour by brightening their boring magnolia with a splash of colour, but that isn always the case.