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  • Does the landlord have to replace the carpet in an apartment?

  • The landlord might also have to replace the carpet if it makes the unit uninhabitable. Mold, for instance, often warrants a carpet replacement. And unless the mold was somehow caused by tenants, the cost usually falls on the landlord to replace the carpet.

  • Is it difficult to replace the carpet in a house?

  • When a home is furnished, replacing the carpet may seem like a daunting task. A little forethought and careful planning can make the process less painful and more efficient.

  • Can I claim carpet replacement as an expense in my taxes?

  • Can I Claim Carpet Replacement as an Expense in a Rental Property? The cash you generate from renting an investment property is taxable as income. In addition to your operating expenses, you can deduct from your rental income any expenses related to the property’s upkeep.

  • How long does carpet last in a rental property?

  • 淩ental grade?carpeting usually has a useful life of five years, according to Diana Valin , CPM, owner/broker of The Rental Xperts in Encinitas, CA.