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  • Can you rent student housing if you’re not a student?

  • If you’re wondering whether you can rent student housing if you’re not actually a student, the answer is maybe. There is no universal policy regarding non-students living in student housing. Most colleges do not permit the practice, but many make exceptions at their fringes, and others are more broadly welcoming of non-students.

  • Can non-students live in Uni accommodation?

  • If the house was managed by the university, all the occupants would have to be students. For private accomodation, landlords might be okay with having a mixture of students and non-students. Talk to your uni’s accomodation office if you’re unsure about your situation.

  • How to find private rented housing for students?

  • You can also search online or use an agent who specialises in student lettings. Some student landlords sign up to the National Code. They have to meet higher standards regarding conditions and management of the property. The quality and price of private rented housing varies. Visit the property if you can.

  • What are the rules for renting to students in the UK?

  • When you檙e renting to students, all the other normal landlord responsibilities apply, including gas safety and fire safety regulations and deposit protection rules. Also remember that, under right to rent rules, you檙e obliged to check the immigration status of your tenants by asking for documents like passports or visas.