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  • Can a real estate agent take you to all the rental homes?

  • For a minimal fee, a real estate agent can take you to all the rental homes in your price range and desired neighborhood. It will save you lots of time in the long run, especially when you tell them exactly what you’re looking for in a rental home.

  • What do you need to know about renting an apartment?

  • In general, your landlord: As a tenant, you must: Your landlord must let you know if they檒l be coming into your apartment. If you have a problem with your landlord, contact the rental authority in the province or territory where you live. There are many ways to find houses or apartments to rent. You can:

  • Is it hard to find a house for rent near you?

  • Finding a house for rent near you is always a stressful situation, but with the current property and rental prices going up, this task is now harder than ever. Along with rising prices, searching through newspapers and classified ads can be frustrating, and not everybody has the time to conduct in-person visits to inspect rental properties.

  • Do you have to pay rent yourself if you rent?

  • You can pay your rent: Make sure you ask your landlord for a receipt and keep it as proof of payment. In some places, your rent may include some or all of your utilities, such as: If they檙e not included in your rent, you must pay these bills yourself.